Just one month

Now it was more or less 2½ months ago since I wrote something here, and it is mainly because I have forgotten about it. I have been quite busy with living a completely new life here in Shanghai.

It was surprisingly easy to fall into how to do everything here.
Sure, the first couple of days I was completely lost… New currency, new people, no one I knew, new room to live in, new ways to do everything… But after just a few days I started to settle in to the situation.

Shanghai is an amazing city, it probably got everything (Excet for clean air). It got huge shopping malls, expensive car stores (Porche, Ferarri), beggars in the stairs to the subway, gigantic skyscrapers and well polished façades behind which there is sheds and worn-down houses. It is somewhere around 20 million people in the same city, living, breathing, working, growing up, dying… It is a city where there 50 years ago more or less was nothing, and 10 years ago looked like this: 

I am also really enjoying my education here. It is very hands-on and very business like, compared to Bond, which was more of a theoretical education. I am living with people from 5 different countries on my floor (Norway, USA, Hungary, Turkey, Russia), and in my class… well I have no idea how many nationalities… Norway, Switzerland, Germany, France, India, Philiphines, Honduras, Libanon, Canada, Thailand… Just to mention a few. The environment is really good and the classrooms are adapted for discussions (we are sitting in a horse shoe formation which is really good and makes people more involved than if everyone is just facing the whiteboard).
The teachers are generally good, and we have had for example one professor that have been teaching at Harvard. All the teachers has actual knowledge from the fields and are still working with their own companies normally. I feel really motivated to learn and to perform well here. On the two exams that I have gotten back this far I’ve scored two A (MVG in Sweden), so it feels really good this far. At the same time I start to feel that I am soon done with the education part of my life, and I want to get out there and do some actual work and earn some money.

Got to get back to study for my Business Math exam on Tuesday next week. What we did in 12 classes in my bachelor, we now reviewed in half of a class, and then we had another 2½ class with new stuff on the same level, so I really need to bring my A-game to manage this one I feel.